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ECC SMS Update

New Design and minor changes :)

PGP/ECC SMS 4.4+ compatibility

For PGP/ECC SMS 4.4+ compatibility just install following app:
to make PGP/ECC SMS work in Android 4.4+ again. :)

ECC SMS released!

It is based on Elliptic Curve Cryptography:
Elliptic Curve Integrated Encryption Scheme (ECIES):
It's probably the highest security you can have for sms this time.
an 521 bit key equals an >15360 bit RSA Key.

The extrapolations for this securitylevel is that it is good until 2120.

Internal is AES256, CBC and SHA512 used.

Handcent SMS Compatibility


If you use Handcent SMS as your main sms application,
you shoud check the lower priority option under application settings to make PGP SMS and ECC SMS work.

PGP SMS Update

Now you can save your sent messages if you want.
In plain text, or the encrypted text, which was sent.

Give Spy's no chance!

Give Spy's no chance with PGP SMS:

For your Privacy.

PGP SMS V 1.11 out!

Security is important!

- send sms Landcape improved
- write new sms without deleting the old after sending
- delete saved public keys
- improved contact picker
- added 1h spam protection on requestkey per unique number
- lock input text if size is reached, specially in landscape
- fixed android 4.2 problems
- improved ads and ad positions

PGP SMS V1.10 out!

Today we made our little nice encryption app android 4.2 ready.
It was not very funny to search the error.
4.2 could not communicate with the other android versions.
In 4.2 they changed some security classes, and now it should work the full range from 2.3.3 - 4.2.

Have fun in real private communicating! :)

PGP SMS 1.06 out!

We made some improvements.
Now it is much comfortabler to write messages.

scrolling is fixed, that you can press directly the encrypt button, when you are writing.

If you have some suggestions please just write a short mail to improvements@woodkick.com ;)

Thank you! :)